Cross the border and
expand into international markets

Our contracted forwarding partners are selected, value-for-money subcontractors that we recommend for good reason. Along with the reasonable shipping rates, our important goal was to build long-term, high-quality, reliable relationships with them, which will also have a positive impact on the perception of your webshop customers.

Professional operation, order management, customer service. You are free to enjoy your success with us. We stock your products, package orders, invoice and ship.

Webshop operation

Outsource the operation to experts.

You can rely on us for the entire logistics process: storing the products you sell, preparing orders for your webshop, packing them professionally, invoicing on your behalf, and shipping them worldwide, with cash on delivery, within a short period of time. So instead of spending time with logistics, you can focus on increasing your traffic and revenue.

With the help of our logistics subcontractors, we can easily ship your luggage to all countries of the world. With much lower shipping rates than courier companies, you can be competitive with a small package and start selling immediately in neighboring countries or even overseas with cash on delivery.

Both small and large

Outsourcing ecommerce logistics is an effective solution for scalability of businesses. Whether you are a startup web store looking to reduce your logistics costs or an existing web store to streamline your processes.

With our services, your business can be more efficient and effective at any stage. Our partners include start-up and growth stores as well as high-turnover companies.