Business Setup

Business Setup in the United Arab Emirates

Thanks to tax exemptions and flexible economic policies, the UAE has become an extremely popular destination for both Offshore and Freezone companies in recent years. With world-class infrastructure and reputation, it is one of the most suitable locations and bases for building global business in the United Arab Emirates.

Your business is registered in the United Arab Emirates, be it Offshore or Freezone. We carry out the necessary preparatory activities, official permits, and prepare the documents necessary for the establishment of a company.

Our expertise, a high level of knowledge of local legal conditions and economic laws guarantee that your company will be registered without any problems during the establishment of the company, taking into account the highest possible discretion.

0% corporate tax
0% sales tax
0% dividend tax
0% tax liability

Exclusive environment

100% Tax-free operation, complete anonymity. Maximum security.

UAE Prestige

The United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, is now one of the strongest and most dynamically developing new financial and business centers.

Total tax exemption

Free Zone and Offshore companies alike can enjoy VAT, corporate tax and dividend tax exemptions in accordance with local regulations and laws. As of October 4, 2014, the double taxation agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Hungary entered into force, so there is no Hungarian tax effect on economic activity and wages performed abroad.

Easy & fast business setup

Thanks to our local presence, we are available to our customers as quickly as possible. In the UAE, the average time to register a company is only two weeks.

Bank account opening

We provide a full range of services to our clients in the United Arab Emirates, opening premium corporate bank accounts that meet the highest security standards.

International opportunities

Whatever country you operate in the world, you can enjoy the full tax exemption under local tax law in the Emirates.

Complete anonymity

We handle our clients' business affairs with the greatest possible discretion. In order to ensure a high level of data protection, we also place special emphasis on IT support for data security. There is no public company database or company register in the United Arab Emirates. With the help of our Nominee service, we also ensure the complete anonymity of the customer.

Freezone Company

The Free Zone, or free trade zones, are simple tax havens, but free trade, tax and knowledge-based areas in the UAE that offer opportunities for foreign investors in several industries.

The establishment and operation of various Free Zone companies provides economic opportunities for graduates that no other classic offshore country has. There are currently more than forty free trade zones in the United Arab Emirates that are industry and activity specific. A common feature of companies established in different zones is that they are tax-exempt, but they cannot do business in the UAE’s domestic market without a separate permit.

Free Zone companies need a local office, a commercial license and can apply for an internationally accepted proof of residency. For this type of company, a limited number of residence permits and resident visas are also provided to directors and / or shareholders. Companies established in free trade zones have the benefits of almost all classic offshore companies. The reason for this is that there is no taxation in the various zones, no VAT liability and no tax on the wages of the employees working there. The share capital of the company must be paid in by the shareholders in several zones. It is sufficient for a company to have a director and a shareholder, which may also be foreign persons. There are also no restrictions on whether these persons must be a company or a natural person. Like RAK Offshore companies, there is no official, publicly available company register for Free Zone companies.

Specific economic areas specializing in different activities may differ in certain respects. For example, it is not necessary to pay up the share capital everywhere or not in full, there are places where an annual report is requested and in other zones it is not at all. The number of work / establishment permits granted to established companies also depends on each zone.

Ras Al Khaimah

RAK Offshore

RAK Offshore offers the benefits of classic offshore companies (IBC – International Business Company), has its registered office in the emirate only, and can only do business outside the United Arab Emirates. A physically existing office in the country is not a requirement for the operation of the company. Another great advantage of RAK Offshore companies is that they are able to open extremely high local currency (USD, EUR, AED) bank accounts within the United Arab Emirates that meet international security standards, providing maximum levels of anonymity and discretion.

RAK Offshore companies are not subject to corporate tax or sales tax, the company does not have to pay any tax on its realized profits. As offshore companies do not have to pay tax on their profits, they are not required to submit a report, tax return or official accounting to local authorities.

Account opening

International bank account

Our office is in contact with 3 local banks in the Emirates, of which we always help to select the most suitable for the Client’s needs and business ideas in a preliminary consultation. After the selection, we prepare all the necessary documentation for opening a bank account and represent the client in communication with the bank.

In accordance with strict local regulations and standards, Emirate banks provide outstanding protection against bank secrecy and the actual ownership background of the company.

An important factor is that the activation of a bank account requires the personal travel of the shareholder or representative to the country, which serves the highest level of security for the client and the company.


Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE offers tax optimization and safe investment opportunities that classic offshore countries are no longer suitable for. In the UAE, bank account opening and bank account management are also flexible, as opposed to classic offshore countries. Thanks to the double taxation agreement, the profit or income realized abroad can be brought to Hungary 100% tax-free.
RAK stands for Ras Al Khaimah Emirate. Ras Al Khaimah initiated and developed the possibility of establishing offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates.
IBC stands for International Business Company. An IBC is a legal entity registered in a tax haven that is exempt from the local taxes set out there and is generally required to pay a fixed annual fee. IBCs may not conduct business in the country of incorporation.
No, there is no need for travel to start a company, in order to ensure the highest level of security, the personal travel of the director or shareholder is required only for opening a bank account.
The payment of the share capital is required only in the case of Free Zone companies, the amount of which is determined depending on the type of business license.
Yes, it is legal, there is no legislation in place that would prohibit ownership of an offshore company.
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